This is ERDBY

Hello. We’re ERDBY. Which, apart from being an anagram of ‘derby’ (clever, huh?), also stands for Eastbourne Roller Derby Big Yay! We’re an unofficial fans group dedicated to the awesomeness that is said roller derby organisation based in Eastbourne on the south coast of England. We used to be called the BBCD (Bourne Bombshells Cheer Division) and you’ll still find references to that name in older posts on here. When we first started out said Bombshells women were Eastbourne’s only derby team, but since then men’s side Bomb S’Quad, co-ed A-Bombs and juniors New Bournes have also emerged from under the ERD umbrella. So, in the run up to 2016’s Eastbourne Extreme roller derby weekend, we thought it was about time we changed our name accordingly to encompass all these teams. PS if you can think of something less cringy than ‘big yay’ for the BY to stand for, please let us know. If you are a member of ERDBY then the BY stands for whatever you want it to. Would you like to join? Then congratulations, you just have. If you’d prefer to set up your own less slapdash ERD fans group instead, please do – the more the merrier. Anyway, we mostly live on this here webpage, where we will post up previews/reports of games and stuff like that. We also have a Twitter feed, Facebook page, Facebook group and e-mail addy (, some of which are still called theBBCD until we work out how to change that. Get in touch if you like. Cheerses.